Why You Should Use Paper Tube Packaging?

April 22, 2021

Paper tube packaging is gaining popularity in the business world. It is light, easy to transport, environment-friendly, and used by various industries such as food and cosmetics. Paper tubes made of recycled paper are also getting traction, thanks to their focus on saving trees and reducing solid waste.

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Advantages of using paper tubes for packaging

Apart from environmental benefits, using paper tubes makes sense for businesses in several other ways. Here’s how:

Cost-efficient: One of the main motives for every company is to reduce cost without compromising on quality. Using paper tubes can help you achieve it. They are among the cheapest packaging materials available as they don't need labor-intensive manufacturing. The use of waste paper to produce them also helps reduce the cost, helping increase return on investment and make profits.

Customizable: The quality of packaging plays a significant role in deciding a product's success or failure. With customers getting more conscious of how a product looks, making a good first impression is crucial. One of the benefits of paper tube packaging is that it's highly customizable, allowing you to make it in different shapes, sizes, and colors to give a unique and catchy design that helps your product stand out.

Secure and robust: Businesses often worry whether a paper-tube package will endure transportation hardships and keep the product safe. It does as it can be designed with varied thicknesses and shapes to stay intact during transportation. It also protects the product against unfavorable weather conditions and can be used for long journeys.

Great for food products: Food products need extra care and attention when packed because of the high incidence of the packaging’s chemicals getting mixed with food and causing health hazards. Using eco-friendly paper tubes with chemically inert lining can resolve this issue and keep the foods inside safe and healthy.

Lightweight: Using wood and metal boxes or even hard plastic for packaging makes it heavy to move and transport. But paper tubes are lightweight and can be carried easily, making them one of the best transport packaging material choices.

Convenient: The functional design of paper tubes ensures that customers can easily open the package. Their thin and circular shapes make them a convenient option to store things, which is a significant reason for their growing demand. They are also popular among customers as a raw material that comes in handy in making various DIY products such as drawer organizers, art bottles, and wire organizers.

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